From now until December 31, 2020, we need your help to raise at least $10,000. Your generous support is vital to help hundreds of vulnerable people stay safe, warm and dry this winter.

The constant rain and bitter cold can be relentless, especially when you’re not equipped with the right gear. Many jobs such as construction, trades and manual work involve being outside all day and require specialist protective attire like hard hats, steel-toe boots and rain gear. Many of the clients we serve work outside and face the harsh winter elements day in and day out. They are relying on us to stay warm and dry. And we rely on our generous Working Gear community and donors.

With your support, we can ensure our clients are equipped for the winter ahead and set up for success. Your donation will help us give out:

  • 400 x $25 rain gear
  • 400 x pairs of $150 CSA approved boots
  • 400 x $18 hard hats
  • 200 x $80 high visibility jackets
  • 800 x pairs of $5 socks

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Our clients are currently unemployed, ready to work, and are referred through community agencies assisting the unemployed. Many have been unemployed for long periods and cannot afford the clothing needed to find a job. We provide them with free good quality used or new clothing and gear, from construction clothing and steel-toed boots to casual attire and suits.

Working Gear is a registered charitable non-profit society. We are primarily run by volunteers and have been operating in Vancouver, B.C. since 2007. We accept donations of work appropriate clothing and footwear or cash. All donations go directly to supporting our work and we rely on volunteers to provide our services. Together we can give unemployment the boot!

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Donate Clothing & Gear

Working Gear accepts current, clean clothing and accessories acceptable for the construction site or office workplace.

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Client Stories

Client Stories

Hear how Working Gear helped these men give unemployment the boot.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We’re always looking for motivated individuals interested in volunteering with us.

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