Working Gear’s mandate is to relieve poverty by providing interview clothing and industry appropriate clothing and gear to low-income or unemployed individuals in search of employment.

Many of our clients have been unemployed for long periods and cannot afford the clothing needed to find a job. Many have difficulty accessing paid employment because they lack appropriate attire. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate this barrier to unemployment.

We do this by providing free good quality used or new clothing and gear, from construction clothing and steel-toed boots to business casual attire and suits. We also offer a barber service. Clients are referred to Working Gear’s shop by appointment through community agencies assisting the unemployed.

Working Gear is a registered charitable non-profit society. We are primarily run by volunteers and have been operating in Vancouver, B.C., since 2007. We rely on the generous support of individuals and the business community for both clothing and funding. All financial donations go directly to supporting our work and we rely on volunteers to provide our services. Together we can give unemployment the boot!



Board of Directors

Working Gear is almost entirely managed and run by a team of volunteers. We have a diverse volunteer Board of Directors and Advisors, who are all dedicated to ensuring the organization is a success. Click on each team member’s name to find out more about them.

Julia Bahen

Vice Chair

Peter Crawford


Chris Adams-Brush


Jenna Hildebrand


Howard Ma

Fund Development

Brent Pollington

Industry Liaison

Breanna Kray

Fund Development


  • Cal Chan
    In-House Stylist and Operations Coordinator
  • Sarah Beley
  • Stephen Flynn
    Co-founder, Special Advisor
  • Sarah Mayer
    Marketing Manager
  • Barb Miura
    Operations Coordinator
  • Clare McKenna
    Grants Advisor