As unemployment rates in BC grow, Working Gear prepares for the busy days ahead!

We’ve all been inundated with news related to COVID-19. The impact and reaction has been a spectrum for Canadians, and what has been consistent is how much there is to absorb and what we can do in the days and weeks to come. At Working Gear we’re committed to giving unemployment the boot. An event like this has created new challenges and plenty of uncertainty. We have seen a tremendous increase in unemployment rates in entire sectors of B.C’s economy. It has affected small, medium and large businesses equally, particularly devastating the restaurant and tourism industry. The nationwide unemployment rate has increased to 20% this year. In B.C, we have been more fortunate than the rest of the country with the lowest current unemployment rate of 6.9%.

Hooray to our leaders

On a positive note, we can see how the provincial and federal government have been working tirelessly to keep Canadians afloat. Their efforts in providing people with support to a variety of federal financial programs provide necessary relief, allowing BC workers to continue to do their part to win the fight against this virus.


BC’s public health officials have been working hard to “flatten the curve”. In the past couple of weeks we have seen fewer numbers of confirmed cases and lower numbers of hospitalizations and deaths. Does that mean we’re close to going back to normal? That is still unknown, but it certainly feels hopeful. 


Working Gear is ready to give back


We will get through this. Working Gear’s mission for over 12 years has been to give unemployment the boot, to reduce or eliminate the barrier between work ready individuals and accessing paid employment due to the lack of proper work attire. We have been able to assist people in all sorts of industries, giving them the necessary tools to return to a full time job and become financially independent. 


We want to remind everyone, Working Gear is here for the community. When the time comes, we will be ready to help individuals get back on their feet by providing them with interview appropriate clothing, and/or industry appropriate gear, free of cost. Our mission is more important than ever.


Throughout the years our organization has been able to grow thanks to our partners and supporters. Our community has been there for us, donating clothes, volunteering their time, supporting our events and fundraisers, providing financial assistance when we needed it the most. It is our time to give back. 

As soon as restrictions are lifted by we will open our doors, looking forward to serving the people that need us the most.



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