As a former Working Gear client himself, our volunteer Michael understands better than anyone what our clients are going through.

Michael is from Nigeria, a country on the West Coast of Africa. Arriving on his own to Canada in spring 2019, he enrolled in a program at Douglas College that supports new immigrants as they transition into the Canadian workplace. When Michael was invited to his first interview in Vancouver, he had nothing smart to wear, and was referred to Working Gear by one of the program’s facilitators.

The team of Working Gear volunteers quickly helped Michael find two suits to wear and he left the shop feeling confident and prepared for his upcoming interview.

Hoping to bring the same positive experience to other clients, the very next week, Michael began volunteering at the shop. Each week, he helps clients navigate their way around and find appropriate clothing, so that they too can head into the working world with confidence and style.

“When I first came to Working Gear, I didn’t just get the suits that I needed, I got love from Sarah and the team. I immediately knew that I wanted to become a volunteer myself so that I can greet everyone with a big smile, just like how I was greeted my first time. I want to make every client believe that they matter and that someone loves them. It’s a fulfilling experience.”

Michael is one of the many Working Gear success stories. Shortly after his appointment, he got a job as an auditor at a hotel and is currently studying for his MBA. He considers his two Working Gear suits some of his most valuable assets and continues to wear them regularly.

The busiest season for charitable giving is upon us. With your support, Michael can continue to greet clients with a big smile and help them find the right clothing for the job. With your generosity, Working Gear can continue to break down barriers to employment that many individuals are currently facing.

Please mark your calendar and schedule time to make your yearend donations. We accomplished so much in 2020 and with your help can do even more in 2021.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, contact Sarah Beley at