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With Our Gratitude


“Our Sponsors make Working Gear possible”

I think it is important to say this once more.

Our Sponsors,

make Working Gear,



You see our need for funding is really our own fault.  Our program has shown growth and success this last 12 years. With the addition of our partner organizations, our ability to turn a box full of donations into suits for job interviews, office-appropriate clothing or specialized worksite gear has surprised even us. The synergy is a beautiful thing.

We are great at what we do and like our successful sponsors when you are great at what you do, people take notice and the demand for services quickly grows.

This is why our annual fundraiser #GEARtoGive is such an important event.  At this event, we get the opportunity to celebrate the community coming together for a common goal. Our cash sponsors, auction donors, volunteers, and ticket holders for one night get to share stories and remember why bringing the smallest privileges to those scaling up the ladder of life feels unsatiably good.

And it should feel good, it is a wildly important act. One that it so easy to become a part of, especially as part of the fundraiser.


Here are our cash sponsors, our change-makers

In the spirit of celebration help us call out of our cherished cash sponsors to offer deep gratitude.

Norton Rose Fulbright Law brings their business principles of quality, unity, and integrity to a global serving of the industries that affect everyone’s livelihood. Healthcare, finance, Infrastructure and more. We are so pleased to have their support.

Our sponsors, like Leaders International help us provide the essential donations and resources we need to thrive.

It is no surprise that Neighbourhood Holdings has offered its support. They are in the business of supporting people with all they need toward their first mortgage. Enriching life is a shared common purpose.

Sponsors like Cleantech Service Group Ltd. operates locally and throughout British Columbia to managers of properties.  Providing peace of mind is their specialty. We appreciate the peace they have awarded us.

Sequoia’s Mergers & Acquisitions is focused on getting the best deal for your business just as we look to get the best experience for our clients with their support.

Bold Construction‘s passion and adding their strength to invigorate communities is why we believe they are worthy additions to any project.


And we will never forget the partnerships, in-kind donations and power of volunteerism that drives our spirit and makes us proud to be a part of Working Gear.

Nude Vodka Soda,

Stanley Park Brewery,


Donations are about compassion for our collective community nobly driving humanity forward. We endeavor to make a life for our clients better and these groups show us that they care about what we do and respect how we do it. Thank you.

(once more)

Thank you.

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